Know the Depths of Yourself.  Make an Impact on the World.



House of the Gathering Yoga School is Duluth’s only trauma conscious yoga school and offers a comprehensive 250 hour yoga teacher training program that integrates classical yoga, trauma conscious yoga, depth psychology, and sustainable practices. Together, these studies embody a practice that take a holistic, expansive look at the human experience-mind, body, psyche, spirit, and soul.

Through classical yoga, we explore the Self, mind/body connection, develop flexibility and strength (mental and physical), and develop self-awareness through postures, meditation, and the study of ancient yogic philosophy. Our YTT curriculum is based on Patanjali’s ‘Eight Limbs’ of yoga which include ethics, self-discipline, yoga asana, breath work, meditation and more.

Through trauma conscious yoga we explore the root of trauma, as well as the way that trauma is stored and shows up in our bodies, patterning, relationships, culture, and lives. By informing our practice of yoga and meditation through a trauma conscious lens, we are better able to assist ourselves in healing, as well as to be able to see what might be unfolding for a student in a classroom setting.

Through depth psychology, we learn about the psyche, both the conscious and unconscious aspects, and how to navigate the rich language of our unconscious self through dream tending, active imagination, and shadow work. Depth psychology gives a rich toolbox through which to experience the psychological, mythical, poetic, and soulful sides of life.

Through sustainable practices we learn how to bring yoga off of the mat and out into our homes, communities, and cities. We live in uncertain times in which the threats posed by unstable weather patterns are very real. By visiting farms and urban homesteads that are already engaged on the front lines of sustainable agriculture and herbalism, we can learn what we can do to live our values while making an impact on the whole.

Join us on retreat, for a workshop, a private session, or one of our Yoga Teacher Training Programs!