Know the Depths of Yourself.  Make an Impact on the World.


This is the beginning of House of the Gathering Yoga School. It is the brain child of Hilary Buckwalter Kesti, founder and lead teacher. A perennial seeker and question-asker, Hilary studied yoga as a young adult. This helped her become embodied and more conscious, but she still had those burning questions without answers. Her search continued in grad school, ongoing yoga studies, and then Hilary picked up a book on Depth Psychology (often known as Jungian Psychology). For her, it was the missing piece.

Hilary started this program which combines the elements that so deeply resonate with her and so many others:  traditional yoga with an emphasis on meditation and yogic thought, supplemental coursework in depth psychology with it's study of the unconscious and shadow, Seva (service) and sustainability/responsibility toward our greater world. These unique pieces strung together create a framework for deeply knowing ourselves, and for making a true impact on the world around us. Hilary invited other unique and experienced instructors to join her, to create an entire team of yoga teachers who each have special contributions and qualifications.

Each of them welcomes seekers like you to find answers, and discover more questions, in the spirit of wholeness. And THIS is where HGYS takes on a life of it's own. Join us and become a part of the House of the Gathering. 



This yoga school offers a paradigm that addresses the holistic health of the individual AND the world we create. It’s a chance for students to experience themselves and their own inner power. 

House of the Gathering has an extensive yoga teacher training program that is rooted in the foundation of traditional yoga, including yoga philosophy and meditation. Together, these studies embody a practice that take a holistic, expansive look at the human experience, both physical and spiritual.