We Are All The Hero of Our Own Journey by Sarah Bach-Bergs (YTT Cohort 2)

I know what this journey requires of me. It requires just one single moment - one single breath - at a time. Simple, right? Seemingly so. Yet I ask myself, how do I even begin to boil it down to one single moment at any given time when the awareness of this experience called “life” is constantly expanding, molding and evolving into the space around me?

Sometimes it feels like I can see it all. I can see behind me. I can see in front of me. I can see it surrounding me. I can literally see this journey of life unfolding - each moment a mere blip on the pages of a giant story - and the truth is, it has the ability to terrify me, excite me, overwhelm me and overjoy me all at once. In regards to this journey of unfolding, there are times when my soul feels “sage” and there are times when my soul feels “infantile”, but regardless of where I may be or how I may feel at any given point in time, there is always a desire to keep moving and initiating. To connect. To explore. To dig deeper. Because this inner work never ends. 

And so....THIS is the Hero’s Journey... Cyclical in nature, I love the idea that we are all always somewhere along the path of the Hero’s Journey. A recent example of my own “Call to Adventure” was to join 250 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program through The House of the Gathering Yoga School. Though a story that has it’s own divine interventions along the way, I tell others that this opportunity presented itself to me with no coincidence. It came to me when it was needed most, in some ways unbeknownst to me at the beginning. There were lots of “pieces and parts” that had to fall into place for it all to come to fruition....and fall into place they did. 

Indeed, there were other, more convenient, options that presented themselves for teacher training throughout the years, but this was the training program that called to me. I tried to logically “think it through” to make sure it was the “right” choice, but in the end, simply listening to my intuition, without an intellectual understanding of my decision, was what prevailed. It just “felt right”. In some ways, it seemed as though the universe had this in mind for me. I’ve been able to find something that has been needed for quite sometime...a sacred space and a collection of people with which to speak a universal language—a language that is foreign to my tongue, but so deeply familiar to my heart and soul. 

Amidst all of this, the truth is that had you asked me not that long ago if I had ever been on my own Hero’s Journey, I would have most likely replied with uncertainty. However, I’ve learned in the most sincere way possible, that the Hero’s Journey IS indeed the journey of life. We are ALL on the Hero’s path. We are not separate from the characters we see in the movies we watch or the novels we read. We are not separate from our dream images. We are not separate from each other. These concepts expand my mind and unite us all in ways that excite me beyond measure. Clearly we all have desires (joy, love, happiness, etc.) and we all have fears (pain, heartache, judgement, etc). It is all a reflection of our own journey. All the elements of the stories we watch, hear, read about or speak of exist within ourselves. They are all examples of what lies in our deepest of depths - in our unconscious. They are all like a bridge, connecting our inner world with the outer world and broadening our understanding of both. Our inner world is ESSENTIAL to explore in order to better understand, interact with and thrive in our outer world. 

As Carl Jung once said, “The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are”, but how do you even begin to take one tiny step towards who you “truly are” without diving into the depths? How do you begin to blossom into who you “truly are” without stepping through the threshold and experiencing the challenges, the temptations, the heartache and perhaps even the pain? How do you begin to fully understand the roles of the guardians and helpers along the way without at least trying to understand the guardians and helpers within? Because, in the end, we are all the hero of our own journey. But in order for that hero to emerge - in order for that hero to be brave enough to step forth and stand with the dragons and the monsters of the world around us - we have to delve deep and confront the dragons and the monsters within.

This is just one example of how we can become citizens of both our external and internal worlds. As I’ve started to explore this myself, I’ve found that one thing is certain - it WILL be scary. It WILL be hard. It WILL be a rocky road ahead. But it will be worth it. Because in this externally-focused world, these rites of passage are essential to finding ourselves. In this life, we can only be so lucky to explore our very own Hero’s Journey over and over again, so when our courageous time comes to leave this Earth, we can, in that experience alone, courageously enter into separation, initiation and return all at once. In that moment, we find a return to our light; a return to our Self; a return to who we truly were when our very first Hero’s Journey began. We find a return to who we’ve always been but perhaps haven’t been able to see all this time. In that moment, we can return, as we truthfully have time and time again, to our bliss. Our ultimate and most pure bliss. 

Hilary Buckwalter Kesti