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When It's Hard to Get to the Mat by Hilary Buckwalter Kesti

It’s not always easy to commit to a daily practice of yoga and meditation. Recently, I have had to reassess my own practice in the face of other commitments like motherhood, business ownership, farmlette life, and grad school. It feels like there are many things competing for my attention, and yet I know, that without my practice things will feel even more out of balance.

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A Clearer Path: The Yoga Sutra, by Hilary Buckwalter Kesti

The Yoga Sutra is basically a road map. It is a pathway of knowledge, wisdom, and disciplined practice to achieve what many yoga practitioners refer to as enlightenment or Samadhi. In its simplest form the Yoga Sutra can be thought of as an instruction manual for healthy and whole living. It’s really, pretty cool...

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