When It's Hard to Get to the Mat by Hilary Buckwalter Kesti

When it’s Hard to Get to the Mat             

It’s not always easy to commit to a daily practice of yoga and meditation. Recently, I have had to reassess my own practice in the face of other commitments like motherhood, business ownership, farmlette life, and grad school. It feels like there are many things competing for my attention, and yet I know, that without my practice things will feel even more out of balance.

15 minutes a day of dedicated practice can go a long way towards creating new habits in our lives. Postures, deep breathing, and time in stillness are so invaluable, particularly within the context of where we currently find ourselves both locally and globally.

A teacher of mine once shared that her meditation practice was a “non-negotiable,” meaning that no matter what was happening in her life, she was committed to getting to the cushion, regardless. This inspires me to dig deeper, to set aside time for the practices that nourish me so that I may be a more skillful mother, student, and citizen of the world.

How do you make time for the things that matter? For the practice of self-care? For the practices that contribute in a positive way to your health and well-being? What is your “non-negotiable?”