Upcoming Events


light & shadow: Bridging yoga & depth psychology
Sun. Oct. 15th, 2pm - 5pm

The intersection of Yoga and Depth Psychology can carry us outside of the ego experience of our everyday selves and open us up to the spiritual and sacred aspects of life.

Turning Inward: Meditation Basics
sun. Nov. 19th, 2pm - 5pm

Complement your yoga practice with meditation, and discover a fortified ability to be present while also reducing stress and increasing happiness.


HGYS - MOnthly dream Tending group
Sun. Dec 10th, 2pm - 5pm

In this Dream Tending Group we will share dreams and attempt to uncover their hidden meanings. This is a safe, sacred space in which to share.

We will meet monthly after this initial date, and you are welcome to join once, or multiple times.


Know the Depths of Yourself. 


Make an Impact on the World. 


House of the Gathering Yoga School offers opportunities to deepen the practice and understanding of yoga through workshops, retreats, and a 250 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program.


We Are Doing Something Different

With a curriculum based on Patanjali’s Eight Limbs of Yoga and on Depth Psychology, our 250 hour Teacher Training Program informs all aspects of our lives, from our physical health to our personal relationships, to social issues and even tough global issues like climate change. House of the Gathering Yoga School trains seekers in yoga, meditation, depth psychology and more, through a holistic Yoga Teacher Training Program that makes the ancient teachings of yoga accessible, practical, and applicable to many of the challenges we currently face as a society. Learn more by checking out Our Story

We also hold in-depth workshops and registration classes as an opportunity for seekers and students to move deeper into their practice. Check our calendar for upcoming workshops.


Classroom Without Walls

Our home studio is located on an urban farmlette in the hills of Duluth, MN, and has beautiful sweeping views of Lake Superior. Our 250 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program and workshops are held there, AND at various locales in the area. Each locale offers a rich yoga experience of its own. We call this the Classroom Without Walls because we champion the idea that yoga can be practiced anywhere.


250 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program


 Where the Philosophical Becomes Practical

The practice of Yoga has the power to include everything you and I do each day. From how we treat ourselves and others, how we spend our time, what we put in AND on our bodies, to the resources we acquire and use. At House of the Gathering Yoga School (HGYS) we take what we learn on the mat and bring it into our daily lives. Through practice, we become more skilled at making choices that align with our values.



At it’s root, the word yoga means “to yoke” or join together. During the posture (or asana) practice, we align the body and breath. Asana has traditionally been used to prepare the body for meditation through cultivating suppleness, flexibility, centeredness and strength -- all of which are needed to sit in the stillness of meditation. A daily asana practice has been shown to lower blood pressure, improve digestion, inspire mental clarity, improve muscle tone and flexibility, and support balance in the body.  At HGYS we honor the many benefits of the physical practice of yoga and cherish it’s critical role in creating ease in meditation.


Meditation is an important part of a holistic yoga practice. At HGYS students spend equal time in meditation and asana. When we meditate, we turn our senses inward and meet ourselves. Meditation has been shown to improve cardiovascular and immune health, reduce stress, improve concentration, encourage a healthy lifestyle, and increase self-awareness. We will explore meditation techniques, and deepen in skill through study and practice.

Depth Psychology

Depth Psychology is an exploration into the psyche using archetypes, dream work, art, mythology, shadow work, literature, philosophy and more. As a modality that is full of rich meaning, Depth Psychology allows us to relearn what it means to be human on this planet. At HGYS students will learn to engage life with more passion and compassion by exploring the language and dynamics of the unconscious mind and the psyche. Students will also learn how depth psychology relates to current community, cultural, and ecological issues. This partnership of light and shadow, spiritual and practical is so meaningful within the context of today’s world. 


Students at HGYS are invited to participate in selfless service, or seva, as a part of their training and will gain hands on experience with gardening, composting, and self-reliance. At HGYS we believe that the best way to change the world is from the inside out, through each and every one of us becoming more aware of the nature of our interdependent world.