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fall Yoga session in Two HArbors, Thursday evenings 6-7:15P, September-January, 2019

Join Hilary Buckwalter Kesti at the Minnehaha Middle School in Two Harbors, MN, for a weekly yoga class! Class will include yoga asana and a short meditation practice. All levels welcome. Registration is required through Two Harbors Community Education.

registration for our 2020 Yoga teacher training is now closed. The training is full. Thank you for your enthusiasm and support.

Goddess immersion: journey to the sacred feminine 2 night retreat, October18-20, 2019 with Hilary & Erika!

Our Goddess Immersion Retreat at Camp Amnicon will be an opportunity to relax and renew and also to lean in to the deeper teachings of divine feminine wisdom, through ritual, ceremony, and time spent in nature with other women. A rich experience!

Registration is now open!


Know the Depths of Yourself. 


Make an Impact on the World. 


House of the Gathering Yoga School is duluth’s only trauma conscious yoga school, and offers opportunities to deepen the practice and understanding of yoga through workshops, retreats, and a 250 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program (YTT).


We Are Doing Something Different

With a curriculum based on Patanjali’s Eight Limbs of Yoga our Yoga Teacher Training Program informs all aspects of our lives, from our physical health to our personal relationships, to social issues and even tough global issues like the climate crisis. House of the Gathering Yoga School trains seekers in multiple styles of yoga with trauma conscious focus, as well as meditation, depth psychology, sustainable practices and more—our programming is holistic and heart centered making the ancient teachings of yoga relevant, accessible, and practical. Our Story

We also hold in-depth workshops and registration classes as an opportunity for seekers and students to move deeper into their practice. Check our calendar for upcoming workshops.


Classroom Without Walls

We offer classes and workshops in various locations around Duluth. Each locale offers a rich yoga experience of its own. We call this the Classroom Without Walls because we champion the idea that yoga can be practiced anywhere.


Yoga Teacher Training



At House of the Gathering Yoga School (HGYS) we take what we learn on the mat and bring it into our daily lives. We champion the philosophy that our yoga practice is not separate from what is happening in our communities and in the world.

Honoring the Lineage: Yoga & Meditation

At HGYS we honor the deep and ancient tradition of yoga that originated in India. We do our best to curate the teachings that have been passed down from sage to student for thousands of years, and base our curriculum on Patanjali’s ‘Eight Limbs of Yoga:’ Yama (ethical disciplines), Niyama (rules of conduct), Asana (postures), Pranayama (restraint or expansion of the breath), Pratyahara (withdrawal of the senses), Dharana (concentration), Dhyana (meditation) and Samadhi (freedom).

At it’s root, the word yoga means “to yoke” or join together. During the posture (or asana) practice, we align the body and breath. Asana has traditionally been used to prepare the body for meditation through cultivating suppleness, flexibility, centeredness and strength -- all of which are needed to sit in the stillness of meditation. A daily asana practice has been shown to lower blood pressure, improve digestion, inspire mental clarity, improve muscle tone and flexibility, and support balance in the body.  At HGYS we honor the many benefits of the physical practice of yoga and cherish it’s critical role in creating ease in meditation.

Meditation is also an important part of a holistic yoga practice. When we meditate, we turn our senses inward and meet ourselves. Meditation has been shown to improve cardiovascular and immune health, reduce stress, improve concentration, encourage a healthy lifestyle, and increase self-awareness. At HGYS we explore various meditation techniques, and deepen in skill through study and practice.

Trauma Conscious Yoga: A Wholistic Practice

Through trauma conscious yoga we explore the path to wholeness, and the myriad of ways that trauma is stored and shows up in our bodies, patterning, culture, and lives. By informing our practice of yoga and meditation through this integrative lens, we are better able to assist ourselves in healing, as well as to be able to see what might be unfolding for a student in a classroom setting. At HGYS we are committed to a higher level of awareness and integration of the origins, impacts and outcomes of trauma in all aspects of guiding yoga and interactions with participants.

Exploring the Depths: Mystery & Enchantment

Depth Psychology is an exploration into the psyche using archetypes, dream work, art, mythology, shadow work, literature, philosophy and more. As a modality that is full of rich meaning, Depth Psychology assists us in exploring the mysteries of life in our own bodies, hearts, and minds. At HGYS we offer workshops and retreats that explore the language and dynamics of the unconscious mind and the psyche. Students in the Yoga Teacher Training Program will also have supplemental training around how depth psychology relates to current community, cultural, and ecological issues. This partnership of light and shadow, spiritual and practical is so meaningful within the context of today’s world. 

Positive Social Change: Action & Accountability

 At HGYS we explore challenging and complex topics through both the lenses of yoga philosophy (non-violence, truthfulness, non-stealing, and inner exploration) and depth psychology (the collective & personal unconscious, the collective & personal shadow). As we work to empower ourselves as seekers, teachers, and spiritual aspirants, we work to lift others up, too, including those who are bound by systems of oppression. We use our voices and our platforms of privilege to take positive action around what we see happening in the world. At HGYS we work towards the healing and liberation of all.

Sustainable Practices: Stewards of the Earth

Through sustainable practices like composting, growing food, and learning about the local medicinal plants where we live, we learn how to bring yoga off of the mat and out into our homes, communities, and cities. We live in uncertain times in which the threats posed by unstable weather patterns are very real. By visiting farms and urban homesteads that are already engaged on the front lines of sustainable agriculture and herbalism, we can learn what we can do to live our values while making an impact on the whole, and caring for ourselves and our planet. 

Spending Time in Nature: Grounding & Connection

In a world where being indoors on screens is becoming the new normal, we purposefully spend as much time outdoors surrounded and immersed in nature as we can. HGYS asana, meditation, and workshops are held outside when and wherever possible so that we may breathe fresh air and connect with the Earth. HGYS locations for workshops and trainings are often chose with this in mind. 

Service: Lead by Example

Students at HGYS are invited to participate in selfless service, or seva, as a part of their training and will gain hands on experience through service. At HGYS we believe that the best way to change the world is from the inside out, through each and every one of us becoming more aware of the nature of our interdependent world. 

Learn more about our 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program here


The House of the Gathering Experience

Classroom without Walls

Because we offer classes, workshops, and retreats in various locations around Duluth, we know that YOGA is not confined to a space. It is within each of us. Additionally, each locale we practice in offers a rich yoga experience of its own. We call this the Classroom Without Walls because we champion the idea that yoga can be practiced anywhere.